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    Director’s Letter 2003

    Three years ago, when the idea of Black Point festered in my head, it was for two primary reasons. One was the location of Lake Geneva as the perfect setting for something like this. The business, restaurants, lodging, and most of all the beauty of the area made this an ideal site to have a film festival. The second reason was my appetite for independent films and music — an appetite that is far from being filled in an area such as this. In places like Chicago and New York, the choice of film and music is in abundance. In a place like Lake Geneva there is none. I’ve spent the last twenty years spending as much time as possible in Chicago, Madison, and Milwaukee to see and hear new, daring, and exciting forms of art. I’m lucky to have these three cities so close, but it can be frustrating having to travel to experience these things. Why can’t there be something closer to here?

    I’ve always believed that there was an audience for these things right here in my back yard. I had hoped that given the opportunity an audience would be there. In the world we live in today that is ruled by corporate money and greed, it seems impossible that anything outside the mainstream will ever be heard or seen again. There’s something wrong with the system when the best films can’t be seen until their release date in the video store or the only place to hear interesting music is either in T.V. commercials or on Conan O’Brien at 12:30 in the morning. Hollywood and radio only care about the bottom line and not about the final product. This is nothing new. It’s just more evident these days.

    So what can be done about it? I don’t know. Besides boycotting the system and not spending your hard earned money on this crap, I don’t believe that there is anything that can be done about it. That’s why I believe in outlet like college radio, public radio, and film festivals.

    Our goal at Black Point is to consistently offer independence to spotlight filmmakers, musicians, and artists that strive to create art. Look around you because you will find someone that is creating something special. Support those kids playing music in the garages and basements of our community. Support that filmmaker or artist who is creating a world that you might never have visited before.

    This weekend, get out and experience what Hollywood and the mainstream don’t want you to see.

    Deep thanks to my dear friends, Black Point partners, Lisa, Jo Anna, and Rich for helping to make this real. It would never have happened without you.

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    David’s Letter 2017

    It all started in an airport cocktail lounge in Phoenix, Arizona. I was waiting out another plane delay due to all the bad weather that was ahead of me on my way back from Sundance in 2000.

    I had spent a week in Utah by myself seeing the festival for the first time. It was exciting, fun and like nowhere else I have ever visited. I have been to many festivals but never one with so much energy and talent.

    The films were great, the parties were better and the people I met were terrific. The week I was there alone was a long one and I was very anxious to get back home and back to reality. But, getting home was not going to be easy to do, due to the weather.

    So in between flights and re-routes and one to many airport lounges, I started to convince myself that Lake Geneva would be the perfect place to start up yet another film festival. I figured that the more blockbusters Hollywood keeps putting out, the more there was a need for independent film festivals. So why not do one right here in Wisconsin?

    Maybe I was overtired, maybe I was a little more drunk that I thought, or maybe, damn it! This might just work! Either way, I was obsessed with the idea and I was just waiting to talk myself out of it like I’ve done so many times before.

    When I finally made it home, I gave the pitch to my wife, Lisa. There was a stack of bar napkins with notes, drawings, stains, last will and testament, shopping list and scribbles. I tried to make sense of it all, my delirium was infectious.

    The next day, I sought out my friend, Rich who was on the board the second I uttered the words. We have always been on the same page with most things and this idea was no different. From there, Lisa got more involved and then we stumbled across this sassy little redhead, Jo Anna. She fought her best to not get involved with us but soon found her spot amongst us. Just like that a trio became a quartet.

    In the two plus years since, we’ve laughed hysterically, screamed at each other incessantly, drank lots of coffee, smoked many cigarettes, failed miserably, won a few, agreed to disagree, and slowly became a foursome with one brain aiming at one goal.

    I couldn’t have done any of this without my three dear friends and I will forever be in awe and indebted to them until the day I die for making this crazy thing work.

    So have fun this week…goe see some really terrific films, check lotus some amazing works of art, and listen to some really cool music. Eat lots of food, drink even more, schmooze a little or just plan out your festival.

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    The Black Point Film Festival

    will be back for it’s fourth year
    on April 17-24, 2005. The festival has been expanded to
    one full week to accomidate more films and activties.

    The opening party will be on Sunday, April 17th and the film
    screenings will start Monday night, April 18th and run through
    the week until Sunday, April 24th.

    Many of the staples of the festival will still be intact including
    the opening party at Hogs & Kisses, the Friday night Art Gallery
    Walk, the awards ceremony on Saturday night and the best of
    the fest all day on the final day of the festival.

    Film submissons begin on Tuesday, June 1st and will run
    through January, 2005.

    2004 was the festival’s best year yet and plans for 2005
    will continue on that path. Over 50 filmmakers participated
    from all over the country in this year’s festival with Q&A’s,
    parties and seminars. Attendance was great, and the music
    this year was the best ever.

    So mark your calendars for next year and stay tuned for some
    major summer events and help us make the Black Point Film
    Festival an event to cherish for the Lake Geneva area.